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what Is Getecurrency.com?

Getecurrency is online Exchangers & Ecurrency Station where all online E-Currency Exchangers and Payment processors are Listed,Monitored and Rated By Getecurrency.com ,Members and Our visitors as well.

Who Should Use Getecurreny.com

Exchangers : E-Currency Exchange Offices can List their websites to our listing including detailed information about their services,Fees as well as their Support Contacts.

                                                      Getecurrency Exchangers Sections

Instant Exchangers
 If You Offer instant E-Currency Exchange services ,you are welcome to list your website for your visitors and members as well.

Manual Exchangers 
If you offer E-Currency exchange services which takes time to proceed your customers transactions,and Orders like sell and buy Liberty/webmoney/perfectmoney and others for Westernunion/moneygram and bank wire,or exchange between Libertyreserve,Perfectmoney,HD-money,Global Digital Pay and other which may delay to Few Hours or Days In some Cases.

Individual Exchangers

If you are E-Currency exchanger and provides your services on forums threads such as Talkgold,Exchangemoneyforum,Exchangemoneyplace,Moneymakergroup and others and don't have webiste.to Offer your services or post your rates,so Getecurrency Welcome you to post your favourite forum thread link ,your full name ,country ,rates and fees as well as your desired Contact IDS which can be used by our visitors and Members to Contact you .

                                   How Much It Costs to List My Website or Service on Getecurrency.com?

You  have to pay only  one time fee of 50 USD to list your website or service on Getecurrency.com ,as listing your site  and being our member will drive good number of clients to you r services,you only have to Contact us ,or List Your Services (E-currency Exchanger - E-Currency)

                                                                 Will My Website Listed Instantly ?

No,Your website will be listed on our site within 24 Hrs,of receiving your Application because we have to review all information and compared it with those declared on your website or Forum Thread.

•  E-Currencies Or Payment Processors

All  current and new E-Currencies can be listed on Getecurrency's E-Currency Section to provide information about their fees,new services,new options and Updates.

•  Members and Visitors

If you are E-Currency user and needs to find best online ecurrency exchanger who could help you to exchange your Libertyreserve,webmoney,cashu,perfectmoney,GlobalDigitalMoneyand HD-Money easily and safely at the best rates ,
you are in the right place where you can find all working E-Currency exchangers in the market with detailed information about them ,Feed backs and reviews which made through other visitors and members who tried their services.

                                 Two Exclusive Services from Getecurrency.com to our members

Newsletter :when you register as member in getecurrency ,you will be able to receive newsletter about the latest Exchangers , E-Currency market news, updates.and New E-currencies and Exchangers added to your Lists .

Filling Dispute: As Getecurrency Member you will be able to Fill Dispute against any of E-Currency Exchangers, E-currencies working on the market (Dispute should contains detailed information about the problem ),and we are going to contact them on your behalf to investigate and solve your problem.

General Tips For E-Currency Exchangers choosing:
1-Choose exchangers who have many positive Feed backs and reviews on Getecurrency.com and other online forums
2- Check hosting and IP-address using Whois service. If you find irrelevant information such as random meaningless words or controversial contact information, then it is better to avoid
3-Contact admin,Support of the exchange service using e-mail,ICQ or live support interface. It will help you to get more information about the admin ,his business and Helps you to Test their Support Level.
4-choose exchangers offer multiple payment options.
5-choose exchangers who  offer the most competitive fees on the market.

What are benefits i can get as Exchanger or E-currency User or client?

Exchangers Benefits:
1-Attract daily,dozens of visitors interested in e-currency exchanges
2-.Customers can rate you and increase visitor's confidence in your service.
3-Good opportunity to solve your problems safely if you have any problem or delay in providing you service to your clients.

E-Currency User or client:
1- will be able to choose one of the best online exchangers on the market.
2- opportunity to watch ,monitor and read others feedbacks and reviews based on their last experiences.
3- opportunity to Fill Dispute or Complain against any of E-currency exchangers if you face problem with them and we are going to solve your problem with them for free.
4- opportunity to choose the lowest fee exchanger among E-Currency Exchangers listed on Getecurrency.com

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